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Guangzhou Sanyang International Freight Forwarder
A logistics company that specialized in Saudi Arabia Market.
We provide the services of packing, storage, sea cargo, air cargo and the customs clearance of destination to customers. Meanwhile, we offer the high quality, safe and efficient transportation services to the Saudi group of customers who need customized requirements for the wholesalers, trading companies and factories etc. there are 2 branch offices: JEDDAH and RIYADH. Our team settle, back and forth to Saudi,. With the Belt & Road initiation calls on, the THREERAMS staffs is dedicating for “Leading 10,000 China Enterprises sails to Saudi”.
Core idea

业 / 务 / 战 / 略

Sea Cargo Special Line
FCL - pick up whenever and wherever, LCL - load by classified, specialists follow up every week
Air Cargo Special Line
Air Cargo Special Line First vessel with fixed shipping space, shipping in one day, specialists follow up
Professional Delivery
JEDDAH/RIYADAH unrestricted warehouse, THREERAMS team delivery / pick up by oneself, flexible solution
Core competitiveness

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